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Increasing Stepfamily Readiness,

         Building Stepfamily Resilience


We Are Here To Help You Provide
Compassionate Care For Stepfamilies

This blog is just for you, military chaplains. On this page we will try to answer questions you have asked or provide resources you have requested. If you would like to have us write to a specific question you have please Contact Us and we will get right on it! We want to be your team mate for reaching military stepfamilies!


Laura Petherbridge

speaker and author The Smart Stepmom (co-authored with Ron Deal), 101 Tips for The Smart Stepmom, Quiet Moments for the Stepmom Soul, Seeking a Silent Night-Unwrapping a Stepfamily Christmas, When I Do Becomes I Don’t- Practical Help During Separation & Divorce

"Did you know that there are a lot of military families that are a stepfamily? And they need help from someone who understands the unique complexities that military stepfamilies encounter. is a phenomenal resource that provides teaching, encouragement, resources and insight for those who desire prepare for—or strengthen—their stepfamily.  I highly recommend their speaking events, resources, training, and in depth instruction for chaplains and the stepfamily itself, that is specifically tailored for today’s military stepfamilies. "  

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